Every year at our school, we meet to celebrate this day called, ENGLISH DAY.

It is a day when students, teachers and on this administrative occasion, we meet to carry out a full day of partying around the English-speaking countries. Our goal is that we all make functional use of a second language, in its four abilities, but today we emphasize what will be called "Speaking", we congratulate beforehand the outstanding in this communicative ability.

In a fun and fun way, every time we celebrate parties around the world, many of them and immersions in our society. For this reason we want to highlight the necessary and important, to explore, learn and use a second language as a communicative medium, in addition, scientific, technological, and social development advances, the day demands, to be involved with a second language, to be competent In a changing society.

The English area, we wish you a day full of expectations, learning, fun, happy English day.